Providing careful diagnosis and thoughtfully selected herbal formulas for each patient.

Chinese herbal medicine is much more extensive than we are used to in the west.  It uses more than 1000 herbs, minerals, insects, and animal parts (such as bones, shells, antlers) which are commonly combined in formulas of 3 to 20 herbs. Seldom is a single herb used alone.

In tonic formulas, the combination of herbs works together to balance and restore specific aspects of the body, such as nourishing blood, calming the spirit, or boosting qi. 

In the case of disease, a formula might be chosen to expel “evils”.  Evils in Chinese Medicine are things such as heat (as in a fever, rash, hemorrhoids, or infection), cold (as in chills or pain which is tight and worse with cold), and dampness (including swelling, edema, obesity, and pain which is worse in damp weather).  

Many useful standard formulas are available, or I can customize a formula  for a particular patient.  A complete health and medication history is required to safely and effectively recommend an herbal formula.

Herbal Formulas are available as:

  • Pills or tablets of standard formulas -  most convenient to use.
  • Powders or granules to be mixed with water or food - can be prepared by the clinician to provide customized formulas.  
  • Dried bulk herbs which would be decocted into medicinal teas - the most potent form and are always individually prepared.

Because herbs are more like foods than they are like drugs, it may seem like a lot of pills or teas are required to achieve the desired result. 

Herbs are a vital part of effective treatment for skin disorders, qi vacuity (fatigue and lack of energy), and blood vacuity (dry skin, brittle hair and nails).   Herbs are very helpful for anxiety, insomnia, and dream disturbed sleep. Herbs can help relieve pain and promote healing.

China Rose,  yue ji hua, is one of several varieties of roses which have medicinal applications in Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

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